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UMR Procédés Alimentaires et Microbiologiques


PMB equipements (en)

Laboratory of biology molecular and cellular/genetic microbial :
Microbiological safety cabinets, System of extraction and purification of proteins and acids nucleic (crushing of cells, chromatography of proteins, mono and two-dimensional electrophoreses of proteins and nucleic acids…), chemicoluminescence Blot Western in infra-red, Hybridization, Electroporator, MP mini-crushers of cells , PCRs, quantitative PCR,  Robot of handling microplates, Microplate incubators /readers, Freezers with -80°C. Laboratory of handling of radioelements.

Rooms of microbe cultures air-conditioned with multiple temperatures of incubation :
Microbiological Safety Cabinets, Cooled and/or agitated Incubators, incubators and equipments for strict anaerobes, Incubators for drying at controlled relative humidity (RH), Incubators for vegetable cells with UV lamp, Incubators with CO2

Equipment of fermentation - Productions of micro-organisms :
Controlled fermentors for liquid and solid sate microbial cultures (from scale laboratory to pilot scale of 300L) with Welience (Biotechnology platform)

Equipment of harvest, conditioning, drying, freeze-drying, encapsulation, conservation  cells : About fifteen centrifugal machines (cooled large volume, bench ultracentrifuge, multifuge and microcentrifuges), High pressures tools with microscopic chamber room of observation under pressure, Buchi Spray with chiling and inerting buckle, Research Lyophilisator, GLATT fluidized bed drier and microencapsulator, Press to pellet, Cryostat (x3 including one ultra with -80°C), Aw meter, Generator of pulsated electric fields, -85°C freezers (x5). Equipment of light irradiation.

Laboratory of microbiology, microbiological analyses and of composed of the microbial metabolism :
Microbiological safety cabinets, Microplate Incubator/reader, Autoclave (x4), Flow cytometer, Rotary Evaporator, Bench microscopes, UV-Visible Spectrometers, Gas chromatographs, Mass spectrometer

Equipment of PIMS (microscopic and spectroscopic Imagery platform” of the DImaCell Platform) :
High performances Optical microscopes: epifluorescence with one equipped with a camera EMCCD), Confocal with spectral detection, Biphoton. FLIM device (resolution in time) on the biphoton and confocal microscopes
Spectrometers: Spectrofluorimeter Horiba Fluorog 3 (detection in T), Spectrofluorimeter Horiba Fluoromax 4, with module for lifespan measurement of, IRTF Spectrophotometer Vector 22 Bruker

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