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UMR Procédés Alimentaires et Microbiologiques

Plateform RMB

Rheology and structure of biological materials facility

The Rheology and structure of biological materials (RMB) technical facility comprises over 30 appliances (rheometers, calorimeters, granulometers, water sorption measurement appliances, etc.) to characterise the rheological, mechanical, and structural properties of food and pharmaceutical products.

The facility participates in a wide variety of research topics including:

- Investigation of the thermal properties of encapsulation matrices (starch or protein matrices)

- Determination of the thermal and textural properties of films

- Characterization of the influence of production and storage conditions on milk protein denaturation

- Determination of the viscoelastic properties of milk or leguminous gels.


Key equipment



Dynamic Mechanical Analysers

  • Anton Paar MCR302 Dynamic rheometer

  • Microrheometer RheoLaser Lab6 Formulaction

  • Rapid Visco Analyser

  • Haake Rotovisco 1

  • Contraves Rheomat 30

  • Viscoboy Sodilab

  • Mettler RM 180

  • Rheometric Sc. SR 5

  • Rheometric Sc. SR 5000

  • Low-frequency Metravib RDS





  • Texture analyser RHEO TA-XT2

  • Texture analyser RHEO TA-XT2i

  • Texture analyser RHEO TA-HD+

  • DSC Q20 TA Instruments

  • DSC1 Mettler Toledo

  • DSC 8000 Perkin Elmer coupled Raman

  • Micro-DSC III Setaram

  • Isothermal tritration calorimeter

  • Malvern laser Mastersizer 3000 granulometer (liquid samples)

  • Malvern laser granulometer


Water sorption



  • DVS sorption appliance

  • Biosystèmes sorption appliance

  • Low-field NMR

  • EPR

  • DLS

  • IT Concept tensiometer

  • K100 Krüss tensiometer

  • Krüss goniometer


Contact : Adrien Lerbret (IR)

Phone :  03 80 77 40 61

E-mail :  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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