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UMR Procédés Alimentaires et Microbiologiques

International joint laboratory



Tropical Bioresources & Biotechnology is the joint laboratory of
the School of Biotechnology and Food Technology (Hanoi)

and the UMR PAM Food and Microbial Process 

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Two main projects are developed in this lab :

  • The tropical fermented food project
  • The tropical bioactive product project


The tropical fermented food project

In Vietnam, tropical fermented foods are mainly produced in a traditional/homemade way. They are
thus concerned by quality and microbial safety problems. In the mean time, they are a source of
microbial diversity with an interest for selecting starter, strains producing antimicrobial compounds,
probiotics and biocatalysts for biotechnology.

They are also a source of inspiration.

  • for technological processes of fermentation of plant proteins and other media that are still non conventional but in high development in Europe and,
  • for the design of new fermented products.

The objectives of this project are summarised in the following figure.


Figure: Numerous interests of the study of traditional fermented foods.

Beside this interest of i) increasing the quality and safety while maintaining typicity, ii) developing products, iii)developing technologies and iv)isolating strains for traditional fermented foods, this project aims also at developing bibliographic sources on these products and the first realisations are a virtual special volume in the International Journal of Food Science and Technology


Virtual Issue - Traditional Fermented Food of Tropical Countries

including a review on Vietnamese fermented foods (presenting also our project):



The tropical bioactive product project

This project aims at valorising compounds extracted from tropical plants and microorganisms.
Applications are considered as health and antimicrobial compounds and food ingredients.
This project involves also the Institute of Natural Products Chemistry of the Vietnam Academy of
Science and Technology on green solvents & ionic liquid extraction technologies


 To develop research in the field, a special volume was guest-edited on extraction and encapsulation
of tropical compounds:


In this project, new compounds, extraction and fractionation processes preserving their bioactivity as
well as tailored encapsulation is carried out with a spinoff company: Natencaps


For both projects, research and developments are closely related to:

logo-dimacell  The facilities of Dimacell (Cell Imaging). The interest is to study in situ the
state of cells or actives inside a solid fermented product or a capsule. Developments are being made
with the Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging and multiphoton technologies.
 welience-logo The facilities of Welience (Satt Grand Est) and especially the
Facility of Predevelopment in Biotechnology. This structure is equipped for scaling up liquid as well as
solid state fermentations.
logo-south-asia This lab has a leading role in the creation of the Encapsulation in South-East Asia network

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Nos conférences en vidéo

Agenda UMR-PAM

Soutenance HDR :

22 oct 2018 - Camille LOUPIAC
19 jui 2018 - Elias BOU-MAROUN

26 spt 2017 - Sandrine ROUSSEAUX
04 juil 2017 - Ali ASSIFOUI
29 juin 2017 - Alexis DE ROUGEMONT
17 fev  2017 - Hélène SIMONIN
05 juin 2015 - Thomas KARBOWIAK


Soutenances de thèse :

24 sep 2018 - Aline MAIRE DU POSET
04 juin 2018 - Jana ALAZZAZ
25 mai 2018 - Sophal TRY
18 avril 2018  - Thi Thu NGUYEN
28 mars 2018 - Emmanuel DENIMAL



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