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UMR Procédés Alimentaires et Microbiologiques

Publications en 2013

2013 : 34 publications

IF moyen : 3,2

Pourcentage de publications dans le 1er quartile : 73%



Année 2013 JCR 2013

1. Assifaoui A., Bouyer F., Chambin O., Cayot P. (2013). Silica-coated calcium pectinate beads for colonic drug delivery. Acta Biomater., 9(4), 6218-6225. (5,684)

2. Descours E., Hambleton A., Kurek M., Debeaufort F., Voilley A., Seuvre A.-M. (2013). Aroma behaviour during steam cooking within a potato starch-based model matrix. Carbohydr. Polym., 95(1), 560-568. (3,916)

3. Devineau S., Zanotti J.-M., Loupiac C., Zargarian L., Neiers F., Pin,S., Renault J.-P. (2013). Myoglobin on silica: a case study of the impact of adsorption on protein structure and dynamics. Langmuir. 29(44), 13465–13472. (4,384)

4. Duval C.-J., Sok N., Laroche J., Gourrat K., Prida A., Lequin S., Chassagne D., Gougeon R.-D. (2013). Dry vs soaked wood: modulating the volatile extractible fraction of oak wood by heat treatments. Food Chem., 138(1), 270-277. (3,259)

5. Duval C.-J., Gourrat K., Perre P., Prida A., Gougeon R.-D. (2013). A HS – SPME – GC – MS analysis of IR heated wood: impact of the water content on the depth profile of oak wood aromas extractability. Food Res. Int., 54(1), 277–284. (3,050)

6. Gokulakrishnan N., Karbowiak T., Bellat J.-P., Vonna L., Saada M.-A., Paillaud J.-L., Soulard M., Patarin J., Parmentier J. (2013). Improved hydrophobicity of inorganic–organic hybrid mesoporous silica with cage-like pores. Colloid Surf. A-Physicochem. Eng. Asp., 421, 34-43. (2,354)

7. Jantrawut P., Assifaoui A., Chambin O. (2013). Influence of low methoxyl pectin gel textures and in vitro release of rutin from calcium pectinate beads. Carbohydr. Polym., 97(2), 335-342. (3,916)

8. Kurek M., Brachais C.-H., Ščetar M., Voilley A., Galić K., Couvercelle J.-P., Debeaufort F. (2013). Carvacrol affects interfacial, structural and transfer properties of chitosan coatings applied onto polyethylene. Carbohydr. Polym., 97(1), 217-225. (3,916)

9. Lequin S., Chassagne D., Karbowiak T., Bellat J.-P. (2013). Sorption equilibria of ethanol on cork. J. Agric. Food Chem., 61 (22), 5391–5396. (3,259)

10. Mession J.-L., Blanchard C., Mint-Dah F.V., Lafarge C., Assifaoui A., Saurel R. (2013). The effects of sodium alginate and calcium levels on pea proteins cold-set gelation. Food Hydrocolloids, 31(2), 446-457. (4,280)

11. Mession J.-L., Sok N., Assifaoui A., Saurel R. (2013). Thermal denaturation of pea globulins (Pisum sativum L.) – molecular interactions leading to heat-induced protein aggregation. J. Agric. Food Chem., 61(6), 1196-1204. (3,107)

12. Murat C., Bard M.-H., Dhalleine C., Cayot N. (2013). Characterisation of odour active compounds along extraction process from pea flour to pea protein extract. Food Res. Int., 53(1), 31-41. (3,050)

13. Russo D., Ortore M.-G., Spinozzi F., Mariani P., Loupiac C., Annighofer B., Paciaroni A. (2013). The impact of high hydrostatic pressure on structure and dynamics of β-lactoglobulin. Biochim. Biophys. Acta-Gen. Subj., 1830(10), 4974–4980. (3,829)





Année 2013 JCR 2013

1. Abraham S., Cachon R., Jeanson S., Ebel B., Michelon D., Aubert C., Rojas C., Feron G., Beuvier E., Gervais P., De Coninck J. (2013). A procedure for reproducible measurement of redox potential (Eh) in dairy processes. Dairy Sci. Technol., 93(6), 675-690. (1,126)

2. Belliot G., Loutreul J., Estienney M., Cazeaux C., Nicorescu I., Aho S., Gervais P., Orange N., Pothier P., Morin T. (2013). Potential of pulsed light to inactivate bacteriophage MS2 in simple liquid medium and on complex foodstuffs. Food Environ. Virol., 5(3), 176-179. (1,975)

3. Burgain A., Bensoussan M., Dantigny P. (2013). Effect of inoculum size and water activity on the time to visible growth of Penicillium chrysogenum colony. Int. J. Food Microbiol., 163(2-3), 180-183. (3,155)

4. Cao-Hoang L., Chu-Ky S., Ho Phu H., Husson F., Le Thanh B., Le-Than M., Nguyen T., Tran K., Tu Viet P., Valentin D., Waché Y. (2013). Tropical traditional fermented food, a field full of promise. Examples from the Tropical Bioresources and Biotechnology programme and other related French-Vietnamese programmes on fermented food. Int. J. Food Sci. Technol., 48(6), 1115-1126. (1,354)

5. Da G., Dufour D., Giraldo A., Moreno M., Tran T., Velez G., Sanchez T., Le-Thanh M., Marouze C., Marechal P.-A. (2013). Cottage level cassava starch processing systems in Colombia and Vietnam. Food Bioprocess Technol., 6(8), 2213-2222. (3,126)

6. Judet-Correia D., Bensoussan M., Charpentier C., Dantigny P. (2013). Influence of temperature, copper, and CO2 on spore counts and geosmin production by Penicillium expansum. Aust. J. Grape Wine Res., 19 (1), 81-86. (2,778)

7. Kuldamrong W., Husson F., Kermasha S. (2013). Biocatalysis with hydroperoxide lyase in extracts from Penicillium camemberti in neat organic solvent media. Biocatal. Biotransform., 31(2), 94-99. (1,093)

8. Licandro-Seraut H., Roussel C., Perpetuini G., Gervais P., Cavin J.-F. (2013). Sensitivity to vinyl phenol derivatives produced by phenolic acid decarboxylase activity in Escherichia coli and several food-borne Gram-negative species. Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol., 97(17), 7853-7864. (3,811)

9. Michelon D., Tachon S., Ebel B., De Coninck J., Feron G., Gervais P., Marc Y., Cachon R. (2013). Can pressure-induced cell inactivation be related to cell volume compression? A case study for Saccharomyces cerevisiae. J. Biosci. Bioeng., 115(2), 229-232. (1,869)

10. Moussa M., Espinasse V., Perrier-Cornet J.-M., Gervais P. (2013). Can pressure-induced cell inactivation be related to cell volume compression? A case study for Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Food Res. Int., 54(1), 738-744. (3,050)

11. Pham-Hoang B.N., Romero-Guido C., Phan-Thi H., Waché Y. (2013). Encapsulation in a natural, pre-formed, multi-component and complex capsule: yeast cells. Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol., 97(15), 6635-6645. (3,811)

12. Perpetuini G., Scornec H., Tofalo R., Serror P., Schirone M., Suzzi G., Corsetti A., Cavin J.-F., Licandro-Seraut H. (2013). Identification of critical genes for growth in olive brine by transposon mutagenesis of Lactobacillus pentosus C11. Appl. Environ. Microbiol., 79(15), 4568-4575. (3,952)





Année 2013 JCR 2013

1. Alexandre H. (2013). Flor yeasts of Saccharomyces cerevisiae: their ecology, genetics and metabolism. Int. J. Food Microbiol., 167(2), 269-275. (3,155)

2. Salma M., Rousseaux S., Sequeira-Le Grand A., Divol B., Alexandre H. (2013). Characterization of the viable but nonculturable (VBNC) state in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. PloS One, 8(10), e77600. (3,534)

3. Salma M., Rousseaux S., Sequeira-Le Grand A., Alexandre H. (2013). Cytofluorometric detection of wine lactic acid bacteria: application of malolactic fermentation to the monitoring. J. Ind. Microbiol. Biotechnol., 40(1), 63-73.  (2,505)





Année 2013 JCR 2013

1. De Sarrau B., Clavel T., Zwickel N., Despres J., Dupont S., Beney L., Tourdot-Maréchal R., Nguyen-The C. (2013). Unsaturated fatty acids from food and in the growth medium improve growth of Bacillus cereus under cold and anaerobic conditions. Food Microbiol., 36(2), 113-122. (3,374)

2. Kurek M., Moundanga S., Favier C., Galić K., Debeaufort F. (2013). Antimicrobial efficiency of carvacrol vapour related to mass partition coefficient when incorporated in chitosan based films aimed for active packaging. Food Control, 32(1), 168-175. (2,819)

3. Léonard L., Gharsallaoui A., Ouaali F., Degraeve P., Waché Y., Saurel R., Oulahal N. (2013). Preferential localization of Lactococcus lactis cells entrapped in a caseinate/alginate phase separated system. Colloid Surf. B-Biointerfaces, 109, 266-272. (4,287)

4. Loison P., Hosny N.-A., Gervais P., Champion D., Kuimova M.-K., Perrier-Cornet J.-M. (2013). Direct investigation of viscosity of an atypical inner membrane of Bacillus spores: A molecular rotor/FLIM study. Biochim. Biophys. Acta-Biomembr., 1828(11), 2436–2443. (3,431)

5. Martin-Dejardin F., Ebel B., Lemetais G., Nguyen Thi Minh H., Gervais P., Cachon R., Chambin O. (2013). A way to follow the viability of encapsulated Bifidobacterium bifidum subjected to a freeze-drying process in order to target the colon: interest of flow cytometry. Eur. J. Pharm. Sci., 49(2), 166-174. (3,005)

6. Waché Y., Voilley A., Cao-Hoang L. (2013). Extraction and encapsulation of tropical natural compounds. J. Food Eng., 117(4), 425. (2,576)


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