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UMR Procédés Alimentaires et Microbiologiques

Publications en 2014

2014 : 45 publications

IF moyen : 3,4

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Année 2014 JCR 2014

1. Aberkane L., Roudaut G., Saurel R. (2014). Encapsulation and oxidative stability of PUFA-rich oil microencapsulated by spray drying using pea protein and pectin. Food Bioprocess Technol., 7(5), 1505-1517. (3,126)

2. Assifaoui A., Huault L., Maissiat C., Roullier-Gall C., Jeandet P., Hirschinger J., Raya J., Jaber M., Lambert J.F., Cayot P., Gougeon R. D., Loupiac C. (2014). Structural studies of adsorbed protein (betalactoglobulin) on natural clay (montmorillonite). RSC Adv., 105, 61096-61103, DOI: 10.1039/C4RA11607K (3,708)

3. Ben Bettaïeb N., Kurek M., Bornaz S., Debeaufort F. (2014). Barrier, structural and mechanical properties of bovine gelatin-chitosan blend films related to biopolymer interactions. J. Sci. Food Agric., 94(12), 2409–2419. (1,879)

4. Bitar M., Cayot P., Bou-Maroun E. (2014). Molecularly imprinted polymer solid phase extraction of fungicides from wine samples. Anal. Methods, 6, 6467-6472. (1,821)

5. He Y., Harir M., Chen G., Huang X., Zhang L., Gougeon R. D., Schmitt-Kopplin P. (2014). Capillary Electrokinetic Fractionation mass spectrometry (CEkF/MS): technology setup and application to metabolite fractionation from complex samples coupled at-line with ultrahigh resolution mass spectrometry. Electrophoresis, 35(14), 1965-1975 (3,161)

6. Kadam A., Karbowiak T., Voilley A., Bellat J.-P., Vitrac O., Debeaufort F. (2014). Sorption of n-hexane in amorphous polystyrene J. Polym. Sci. Pt. B-Polym. Phys., 52(19), 1252-1258. (3,803)

7. Karbowiak T., Weber G., Bellat J.P. (2014). Confinement of Water in Hydrophobic Nanopores: Effect of the Geometry on the Energy of Intrusion. Langmuir, 30 (1), 213–219. (4,384)

8. Kurek M., Guinault A., Voilley A., Galić K., Debeaufort F. (2014). Effect of relative humidity on carvacrol release and permeation properties of chitosan based films and coatings. Food Chem., 144(1), 9-17. (3,259)

9. Lafarge C., Hory C., Goncalves L., Chassemont C., Le Bail P., Cayot N. (2014) Effect of konjac glucomannan addition on aroma release in gels containing potato starch. Food Res. Int., 64, 412-419 (2.818)

10. Lagorce-Tachon A., Karbowiak T., Simon J.-M., Gougeon R.-D., Bellat J.-P. (2014). Diffusion of oxygen through cork stopper: Knudsen or Fick’s mechanism? J. Agric. Food Chem., 62(37), 9180–9185. (2.912)

11. Léonard L., Degraeve P., Gharsallaoui A., Saurel R., Oulahal N. (2014). Design of biopolymeric matrices entrapping bioprotective lactic acid bacteria to control Listeria monocytogenes growth: comparison of alginate and alginate-caseinate matrices entrapping Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis cells. Food Control, 37, 200-209. (2,819)

12. Nguyen T.D., Lafarge C., Murat C., Mession J.L., Cayot N., Saurel R. (2014). Partition of volatile compounds in pea globulin–maltodextrin aqueous two-phase system. Food Chem., 164, 406-412. (3,259)

13. Roullier-Gall C., Lucio M., Noret L., Schmitt-Kopplin P., Gougeon R.D. (2014). How subtle is the "terroir" effect? Chemistry-related signatures of two "Climats de Bourgogne". PLoS One, 9(5) e97615 (3,234)

14. Roullier-Gall C., Boutegrabet L., Gougeon R.-D., Schmitt-Kopplin P. (2014). A grape and wine chemodiversity comparison of different appellations in burgundy: Vintage vs Terroir effects. Food Chem., 152, 100-107. (3,259)

15. Ruffin E., Schmit T., Lafitte G., Dollat J.M., Chambin O. (2014).The impact of whey protein preheating on the properties of emulsion gel bead. Food Chem., 151, 324-332. (3,259)





Année 2014 JCR 2014

1. Bernhard Y., Winckler P., Chassagnon R., Richard P., Gigot E., Perrier-Cornet J.M., et Decreau RA., 2014. Subphthalocyanines: addressing water-solubility, nano-encapsulation, and activation for optical imaging of B16 melanoma cells. Chem. Commun. 50(2014) 13975-13978 (6,718)

2. Boualem K., Gervais P., Cavin JF., Waché Y. 2014. Production of conidies of Penicillium camemberti in liquid medium through microcycles of conidiation. Biotechnology Lett.36(2014) 2239-2243 (1,736)

3. Colas de la Noue A., Estienney M., Aho S., Perrier-Cornet J.M., de Rougemont A., Pothier P., Gervais P., and Belliot G. 2014. Absolute humidity influences the seasonal persistence and infectivity of human Norovirus. Applied and environmental microbiology. doi:10.1128/AEM.01871-14 (3,952)

4. Dantigny P., Burgain A., Deniel F., Bensoussan M. 2014. A model for the effect of pH on the growth of chalk yeasts. Int. J. of Food Microbiology 186 (2014), 49-54 (3,155)

5. Da Silva Pedrini M., Dupont S., De Anchieta Câmara A., Beney L., Gervais P., 2014. Osmoporation: a simple way to internalize hydrophilic molecules into yeast. Appl Microbiol biotechnol 98(3) 1271 – 1280 (3,811)

6. Do T T L, Vu N T, Phan-Thi H, Cao-Hoang L, Ta T M N, Waché Y. and Nguyen T H T 2014. Traditional fermented sausage "Nem Chua" as a source of yeast biocatalysts efficient for the production of the aroma compound γ-decalactone. Int J Food Sci Technol 49(4) 1099-110 (1,354)

7. Dupont S., Rapoport A., Gervais P., Beney L. 2014. Survival kit of Saccharomyces cerevisiae for anhydrobiosis. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology. 98(2014) 8821-8834 (3,811)

8. Ebel B.*, Lemetais G.*, Beney L., Cachon R., Soko H., Langella P. et Gervais P. 2014. Impact of Probiotics on risk factors for cardiovascular diseases. A review. Crit. Rev. Food Sci. Nutr.  54(2) 175-189 (5,548)

9. Escamilla-Garcia E., O’Riordan S., Gomes N., Aguedo M., Belo I., Texeira J., Belin JM., Waché Y. 2014. An air-lift biofilm reactor for the production of -decalactones by Yarrowia lipolytica. Process Biochemistry 49(9) 1377-1382 (2,524)

10. Gerbeau-Pissot P., Der C., Thomas D., Anca LA, Grosjean K. , Roche Y., Perrier-Cornet JM, Mongrand. S, Simon-Plas F. 2014. Modification of plasma membrane organization in tobacco cells elicited by cryptogein. Plant physiology 164(1) 273-286 (7,394)

11. Guyot S., Pottier L., Hartmann A., Ragon M., H.Tiburski J., Molin P., Ferret E., Gervais P., 2014. Extremely Rapid Acclimation of Escheria coli to High Temperature aver a Few Generations of a Fed Batch Culture during Slow Warming. MicrobiologyOpen.

12. Hamoud-Agha M., Curet S., Simonin H., Boillereaux L., 2014. Holding time effect on microwave inactivation of Escheria coli K12 : experimental and numerical sinvestigations. Journal of Food Engineering 143(2014) 102-113 (2,576)

13. Kalai S., Bensoussan M., Dantigny P. 2014. Lag time for germination of Penicillium chrysogenum conida is induced by temperature shifts. Food Microbiology 42(2014) 149-153 (3,374)

14. Lerasle M., Guillou S., Simonin H., Anthoine V., Chéret R., Federighi M., Membré JM. 2014. Assessment of Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes level in ready-to-cook poultry meat : Effect of various high pressure treatments and potassium lactate concentrations. Int. J. of Food Microbiol.186 (2014) 74-83 (3,155)

15. Lerasle M., Federighi M., Simonin H., Anthoine V., Rezé S., Chéret R., Guillou S. 2014. Combined use of modified atmosphere packaging and high pressure to extend the shelf-life of rax poultry sausage. Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies 23(2014) 54-60 (2,248)

16. Licandro-Seraut H, Scornec H, Pedron T, Cavin JF, Sansonetti PJ. 2014. Functional genomics of Lactobacillus casei establishment in the gut. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 111(30) 3101-3109. (9.809)

17. Phan Thi H., Waché Y. 2014. Isomerization and increase in the antioxidant properties of lycopene from Momordica cochinchinensis (gac) by moderate heat (treatment with UV-Vis spectra as a marker. Food Chemistry 156(2014) 58-63 (3,259)

18. Scornec H, Tichit M, Bouchier C, Pedron T, Cavin JF, Sansonetti PJ, Licandro-Seraut H. 2014. Rapid 96-well plates DNA extraction and sequencing procedures to identify genome-wide transposon insertion sites in a difficult to lyse bacterium: Lactobacillus casei. J Microbiol Methods 106(2014) 78-82. (2,096)

19. Tiburski J., Rosenthal A., Guyot S., Perrier-Cornet J.M., Gervais P., 2014. Water Distribution in Bacterial Spores: A Key Factor in Heat Resistance. Food Biophysics 9(1) 10-19 (1,551)

20. Waché Y., Kumar Anal A., Seng Chan E., Wan Sia Heng P., Nghia Ngo D., In S., Poncelet D., Phan-Thi H. 2014 . Meeting report: The 1st BRG-training school in Asia, a first step in the building of an ASEAN encapsulation network.Biotechnology Journal. 9(12) 1473-1475 (3,708)





Année 2014 JCR 2014

1. David V., Terrat S., Herzine K., Claisse O., Rousseaux S., Tourdot-Maréchal R., Masneuf-Pomarede I., Ranjard L., Alexandre H. (2014). High-throughput sequencing of amplicons for monitoring yeast biodiversity in must and during alcoholic fermentation. J. Ind. Microbiol. Biotechnol., 41(5), 811-821  (2,505)

2. Louesdon S., Charlot-Rouge S., Juillard V., Tourdot-Maréchal R., Béal C. (2014). Osmotic stress affects the stability of freeze-dried Lactobacillus buchneri R 1102 as a result of intracellular betaïne accumulation and membrane characteristics. J. Appl. Microbiol., 117(1), 196-207 (2,386)

3. Louesdon S., Charlot-Rouge S., Tourdot-Maréchal R., Bouix M., Béal C. (2014). Membrane fatty acid composition and fluidity are involved in the resistance to freezing of Lactobacillus buchneri R1102 and Bifidobacterium longum R0175. Microb. Biotechnol. In press doi: 10.1111/1751-7915.12132 (3,023)

4. Maitre M., Weidmann S., Dubois-Brissonnet F., David V., Covès J., Guzzo J. (2014). Adaptation of the wine bacterium Oenococcus oeni to ethanol stress: role of the small heat shock protein Lo18 in membrane integrity. Appl. Environ. Microbiol., 80(10), 2973-2978 (3,952)

5. Makhoul S., Romano A., Cappellin L., Spano G., Capozzi V., Benozzi E., Märk T.D., Aprea E., Gasperi F., El- Nakat H., Guzzo J., Biasioli F. (2014). Proton-transfer-reaction mass spectrometry for the study of the production of volatile compounds by bakery yeast starters. J. Mass Spectrom., 49(9), 850-859 (2.379)

6. Rieu A., Aoudia N., Jego G., Chluba J., Yousfi N., Briandet R., Deschamps J., Gasquet B., Monedero V., Garrido C., Guzzo J. (2014). The biofilm mode of life boosts the anti-inflammatory properties of Lactobacillus. Cell. Microbiol., 16(12), 1836-1853 (4,816)

7. Rousseaux S., Diguta C.-F., Radoï-Matei F., Alexandre H., Guilloux-Bénatier M. (2014). Non-Botrytis grape-rotting fungi responsible for earthy and moldy off-flavours and mycotoxins. Food Microbiol., 38, 104-121 (3,374)

8. Romano A., Cappellin L., Spano G., Capozzi V., Benozzi E., Märk T.D., Aprea E., Gasperi F., El-Nakat H., Guzzo J., Biasioli F. (2014). Proton-transfer-reaction mass spectrometry for the study of the production of volatile compounds by bakery yeast starters. J. Mass Spectrom., 49(9), 850-859. (2,379)





Année 2014 JCR 2014

1. Nguyen, A. T.-B., Winckler, P., Loison, P., Wache, Y. & Chambin, O. 2014. Physico-chemical state influences in vitro release profile of curcumin from pectin beads. Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 121, 290–298 (4,287)



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