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2016 JCR 2016

(ACL1) Basiak E., Debeaufort F., Lenart A. (2016). Effect of oil lamination between plasticized starch layers on film
properties. Food Chem., 195, 56-63.

(ACL2) Benbettaieb N., Assifaoui A., Karbowiak T., Debeaufort F., Chambin O. (2016). Controlled release of tyrosol and
ferulic acid encapsulated in chitosan-gelatin films after electron beam irradiation. Radiat. Phys. Chem., 118, 81-86.

(ACL3) Benbettaieb N., Chambin O., Assifaoui A., Al-Assaf S., Karbowiak T., Debeaufort F. (2016). Release of coumarin
incorporated into chitosan-gelatin irradiated films. Food Hydrocoll., 56, 266-276.

(ACL4) Benbettaieb N., Chambin O., Karbowiak T., Debeaufort F. (2016). Release behavior of quercetin from chitosan-fish
gelatin edible films influenced by electron beam irradiation. Food Control, 66, 315-319.

(ACL5) Benbettaieb N., Gay J. P., Karbowiak T., Debeaufort F. (2016). Tuning the Functional Properties of Polysaccharide-
Protein Bio-Based Edible Films by Chemical, Enzymatic, and Physical Cross-Linking. Compr. Rev. Food. Sci. Food
Saf., 15(4), 739-752.

(ACL6) Benbettaieb N., Karbowiak T., Brachais C. H., Debeaufort F. (2016). Impact of electron beam irradiation on fish
gelatin film properties. Food Chem., 195, 11-18.

(ACL7) Bernhard Y., Gigot E., Goncalves V., Moreau M., Sok N., Richard P., Decreau R. A. (2016). Direct subphthalocyanine
conjugation to bombesin vs. indirect conjugation to its lipidic nanocarrier. Org. Biomol. Chem., 14(19), 4511-4518.

(ACL8) Cayot N., Lafarge C., Bou-Maroun E., Cayot P. (2016). Substitution of carcinogenic solvent dichloromethane for the
extraction of volatile compounds in a fat-free model food system. J. Chromatogr. A, 1456, 77-88.

(ACL9) Chihi M. L., Mession J. L., Sok N., Saurel R. (2016). Heat-Induced Soluble Protein Aggregates from Mixed Pea Globulins
and beta-Lactoglobulin. J. Agric. Food Chem., 64(13), 2780-2791.

(ACL10) Huynh U. T. D., Lerbret A., Neiers F., Chambin O., Assifaoui A. (2016). Binding of Divalent Cations to
Polygalacturonate: A Mechanism Driven by the Hydration Water. J. Phys. Chem. B, 120(5), 1021-1032.

(ACL11) Kadam A. A., Karbowiak T., Voilley A., Gay J. P., Debeaufort F. (2016). Plasticization of amorphous polystyrene by
volatile organic compounds. Polym. Bull., 73(7), 1841-1853.

(ACL12) Lagorce-Tachon A., Karbowiak T., Champion D., Gougeon R. D., Bellat J. P. (2016). How does hydration affect the
mechanical properties of wine stoppers? J. Mater. Sci., 51(9), 4227-4237.

(ACL13) Lagorce-Tachon A., Karbowiak T., Paulin C., Simon J. M., Gougeon R. D., Bellat J. P. (2016). About the Role of the
Bottleneck/Cork Interface on Oxygen Transfer. J. Agric. Food Chem., 64(35), 6672-6675.

(ACL14) Lagorce-Tachon A., Karbowiak T., Simon J. M., Gougeon R. D., Bellat J. P. (2016). Rebuttal to "The Permeation of
Cork Revisited". J. Agric. Food Chem., 64(20), 4185-4188.

(ACL15) Loupiac C. (2016). How neutron scattering experiments can target the structure and dynamics of milk proteins? Curr.
Opin. Food Sci., 9, 93-97.

(ACL16) Madeleine-Perdrillat C., Karbowiak T., Debeaufort F., Delmotte L., Vaulot C., Champion D. (2016). Effect of
hydration on molecular dynamics and structure in chitosan films. Food Hydrocoll., 61, 57-65.

(ACL17) Rocca-Smith J. R., Karbowiak T., Marcuzzo E., Sensidoni A., Piasente F., Champion D., . . . Debeaufort F. (2016).
Impact of corona treatment on PLA film properties. Polym. Degrad. Stabil., 132, 109-116.

(ACL18) Rocca-Smith J. R., Marcuzzo E., Karbowiak T., Centa J., Giacometti M., Scapin F., . . . Debeaufort F. (2016). Effect
of lipid incorporation on functional properties of wheat gluten based edible films. J. Cereal Sci., 69, 275-282.(ACL19) Roullier-Gall C., Witting M., Moritz F., Gil R. B., Goffette D., Valade M., . . . Gougeon R. D. (2016). Natural
oxygenation of Champagne wine during ageing on lees: A metabolomics picture of hormesis. Food Chem., 203, 207-

(ACL20) Ruf A., Hertkorn N., Harir M., Kanawati B., Lucio M., Quirico E., . . . Schmitt-Kopplin P. (2016). Ultrahigh- resolving
analytics in meteoritic soluble organic matter. Meteorit. Planet. Sci., 51, A547-A547.

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Biophys, 11(3), 207-212.

(ACL22) Sok N., Baglin I., Rousselin Y., Boschetti F., Bernhard C., Goze C., Denat F. (2016). Reinforced cyclam derivatives
functionalized on the bridging unit. New J. Chem., 40(7), 5829-5834.

(ACL23) Somboonchan S., Lubbers S., Roudaut G. (2016). Water and temperature contribution to the structuration of starch
matrices in the presence of flavour. Food Chem., 195, 79-86.


2016JCR 2016

(ACL1) Aybeke E. N., Belliot G., Lemaire-Ewing S., Estienney M., Lacroute Y., Pothier P., Bourillot E., Lesniewska E. (2017).
HS-AFM and SERS Analysis of Murine Norovirus Infection: Involvement of the Lipid Rafts. Small, 13(1), 1600918-n/a.

(ACL2) Ayouni S., Estienney M., Hammami S., Guediche M. N., Pothier P., Aouni M., Belliot G., de Rougemont A. (2016).
Cosavirus, Salivirus and Bufavirus in Diarrheal Tunisian Infants. Plos One, 11(9).

(ACL3) Aziz M., St-Louis R., Husson F., Kermasha S. (2016). Selected dehydrogenases in Yarrowia lipolytica JMY 861: their
role in the synthesis of flavor compounds. Biosci. Biotechnol. Biochem, 80(11), 2184-2191.

(ACL4) Boualem K., Labrie S., Gervais P., Wache Y., Cavin J. F. (2016). Conidiation of Penicillium camemberti in submerged
liquid cultures is dependent on the nitrogen source. Biotechnol. Lett., 38(2), 329-335.

(ACL5) Burgain A., Dantigny P. (2016). Inoculation of airborne conidia of Penicillium chrysogenum on the surface of a solid
medium. Food Microbiol., 54, 162-166.

(ACL6) de Camara A. A., Dupont S., Beney L., Gervais P., Rosenthal A., Correia R. T. P., Pedrini M. R. D. (2016). Fisetin
yeast-based bio-capsules via osmoporation: effects of process variables on the encapsulation efficiency and
internalized fisetin content. Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol., 100(12), 5547-5558.

(ACL7) Garcia-Marques S., Randez-Gil F., Dupont S., Garre E., Prieto J. A. (2016). Sng1 associates with Nce102 to regulate
the yeast Pkh-Ypk signalling module in response to sphingolipid status. BBA-Molecular Cell Research, 1863(6), 1319-

(ACL8) Guillou S., Lerasle M., Simonin H., Anthoine V., Cheret R., Federighi M., Membre J. M. (2016). Multi-criteria
framework as an innovative tradeoff approach to determine the shelf-life of high pressure-treated poultry. Int. J.
Food Microbiol., 233, 60-72.

(ACL9) Julliand V., Grimm P. (2016). HORSE SPECIES SYMPOSIUM: The microbiome of the horse hindgut: History and current
knowledge. J. Anim. Sci., 94(6), 2262-2274.

(ACL10) Lang E., Zoz F., Iaconelli C., Guyot S., Alvarez-Martin P., Beney L., Perrier-Cornet J. M., Gervais P. (2016). Recovery
Estimation of Dried Foodborne Pathogens Is Directly Related to Rehydration Kinetics. Plos One, 11(8).

(ACL11) Loison P., Gervais P., Perrier-Cornet J. M., Kuimova M. K. (2016). Effect of ethanol perturbation on viscosity and
permeability of an inner membrane in Bacillus subtilis spores. Biochim. Biophys. Acta-Biomembr., 1858(9), 2060-

(ACL12) Nguyen Van Long N., Joly C., Dantigny P. (2016). Active packaging with antifungal activities. Int. J. Food Microbiol.,
220, 73-90.

(ACL13) Perpetuini G., Pham-Hoang B. N., Scornec H., Tofalo R., Schirone M., Suzzi G., Cavin J. F., Wache Y., Corsetti A.,
et al. (2016). In Lactobacillus pentosus, the olive brine adaptation genes are required for biofilm formation. Int. J.
Food Microbiol., 216, 104-109.

(ACL14) Phan-Thi H., Durand P., Prost M., Prost E., Wache Y. (2016). Effect of heat-processing on the antioxidant and
prooxidant activities of beta-carotene from natural and synthetic origins on red blood cells. Food Chem., 190, 1137-
1144.(ACL15) Pourasgari F., Kaplon J., Karimi-Naghlani S., Fremy C., Otarod V., Ambert-Balay K., Mirjalili A., Pothier P. (2016).
The molecular epidemiology of bovine rotaviruses circulating in Iran: a two-year study. Arch. Virol., 161(12), 3483-

(ACL16) Ragon M., Minh H. N. T., Guyot S., Loison P., Burgaud G., Dupont S., Beney L., Gervais P., Perrier-Cornet J. M.
(2016). Innovative High Gas Pressure Microscopy Chamber Designed for Biological Cell Observation. Microsc.
Microanal., 22(1), 63-70.

(ACL17) Van Long N. N., Joly C., Dantigny P. (2016). Active packaging with antifungal activities. Int. J. Food Microbiol., 220,


2016JCR 2016

(ACL1) Al Azzaz J., Rieu A., Aoudia N., Ducreux A., Jego G., Garrido C., Dalle F., Lapaquette P., Guzzo J. (2016). Probiotic
Lactobacillus Strains Activities on Autophagy and Inflammatory Response. J. Clin. Gastroenterol., 50, S209-S209.

(ACL2) Aoudia N., Rieu A., Briandet R., Deschamps J., Chluba J., Jego G., Garrido C., Guzzo J. (2016). Biofilms of
Lactobacillus plantarum and Lactobacillus fermentum: Effect on stress responses, antagonistic effects on pathogen
growth and immunomodulatory properties. Food Microbiol., 53, Part A, 51-59.

(ACL3) Bougnoux M. E., Dannaoui E., Accoceberry I., Angoulvant A., Bailly E., Botterel F., Chevrier S., Chouaki T., Cornet
M., et al. (2016). Multicenter Comparison of the Etest and EUCAST Methods for Antifungal Susceptibility Testing of
Candida Isolates to Micafungin. Antimicrob. Agents Chemother, 60(8), 5088-5091.

(ACL4) Caillot C., Valot V., Lafon I., Basmaciyan L., Chretien M.L., Sautour M., Million L., Legouge C., Payssot A., Dalle F.
(2016). Is it time to include CT RHS and qPCR targeting Mucorales in serum to EORTC-MSG criteria for the diagnosis
of pulmonary mucormycosis in leukemia patients? open Forum Infect Dis, 8 ; 3(4).

(ACL5) Capozzi V., Di Toro M. R., Grieco F., Michelotti V., Salma M., Lamontanara A., Russo P., Orru L., Alexandre H., et
al. (2016). Viable But Not Culturable (VBNC) state of Brettanomyces bruxellensis in wine: New insights on molecular
basis of VBNC behaviour using a transcriptomic approach. Food Microbiol., 59, 196-204.

(ACL6) Darsonval M., Alexandre H., Grandvalet C. (2016). Genetically engineered Oenococcus oeni strains to highlight the
impact of estA2 and estA7 esterase genes on wine ester profile. Food Microbiol., 60, 21-28.

(ACL7) Darsonval M., Msadek T., Alexandre H., Grandvalet C. (2016). The Antisense RNA Approach: a New Application for
In Vivo Investigation of the Stress Response of Oenococcus oeni, a Wine-Associated Lactic Acid Bacterium. Appl.
Environ. Microbiol., 82(1), 18-26.

(ACL8) Desroche N., Dropet C., Janod P., Guzzo J. (2016). Antibacterial properties and reduction of MRSA biofilm with a
dressing combining polyabsorbent fibres and a silver matrix. J Wound Care, 25(10), 577-584.

(ACL9) Edel-Hermann V., Sautour M., Gautheron N., Laurent J., Aho S., Bonnin A., Sixt N., Hartemann P., Dalle F., et al.
(2016). A Clonal Lineage of Fusarium oxysporum Circulates in the Tap Water of Different French Hospitals. Appl.
Environ. Microbiol., 82(21), 6483-6489.

(ACL10) Grangeteau C., Gerhards D., Terrat S., Dequiedt S., Alexandre H., Guilloux-Benatier M., von Wallbrunn C., Rousseaux
S. (2016). FT-IR spectroscopy: A powerful tool for studying the inter- and intraspecific biodiversity of cultivable non-
Saccharomyces yeasts isolated from grape must. J. Microbiol. Methods, 121, 50-58.

(ACL11) Grangeteau C., Gerhards D., von Wallbrunn C., Alexandre H., Rousseaux S., Guilloux-Benatier M. (2016). Persistence
of Two Non-Saccharomyces Yeasts (Hanseniaspora and Starmerella) in the Cellar. Front.Microbiol., 7, 268.

(ACL12) Gully D., Gargani D., Bonaldi K., Grangeteau C., Chaintreuil C., Fardoux J., Nguyen P., Marchetti R., Nouwen N., et
al. (2016). A Peptidoglycan-Remodeling Enzyme Is Critical for Bacteroid Differentiation in Bradyrhizobium spp.
During Legume Symbiosis. Mol Plant Microbe Interact, 29(6), 447-457.

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(ACL14) Lee K.-Z., Lestradet M., Socha C., Schirmeier S., Schmitz A., Spenlé C., Lefebvre O., Keime C., Yamba W. M., et al.
(2016). Enterocyte Purge and Rapid Recovery Is a Resilience Reaction of the Gut Epithelium to Pore-Forming Toxin
Attack. Cell Host & Microbe, 20(6), 716-730.

(ACL15) Longin C., Julliat F., Serpaggi V., Maupeu J., Bourbon G., Rousseaux S., Guilloux-Benatier M., Alexandre H. (2016).
Evaluation of three Brettanomyces qPCR commercial kits: results from an interlaboratory study. Oeno One, 50(4).(ACL16) Longin C., Degueurce C., Julliat F., Guilloux-Benatier M., Rousseaux S., Alexandre H. (2016). Efficiency of
population-dependent sulfite against Brettanomyces bruxellensis in red wine. Food Res. Int., 89, Part 1, 620-630.

(ACL17) Longin C., Guilloux-Benatier M., Alexandre H. (2016). Design and Performance Testing of a DNA Extraction Assay for
Sensitive and Reliable Quantification of Acetic Acid Bacteria Directly in Red Wine Using Real Time PCR. Front
Microbiol, 7(831).

(ACL18) Louw M., du Toit M., Alexandre H., Divol B. (2016). Comparative morphological characteristics of three
Brettanomyces bruxellensis wine strains in the presence/absence of sulfur dioxide. Int. J. Food Microbiol., 238, 79-

(ACL19) Margalef-Catala M., Araque I., Weidmann S., Guzzo J., Bordons A., Reguant C. (2016). Protective role of glutathione
addition against wine-related stress in Oenococcus oeni. Food Res. Int., 90, 8-15.


2016JCR 2016

(ACL1) Amendola V, Bergamaschi G, Dacarro G., Denat F., Boschetti F., Nikolantonaki M., Gougeon R. D., D’Alessio G.,
Viaux A.S., Bertheau L., Guyot S., Sok N., Pallavicini P. (2016). An OFF-ON-OFF fluorescent sensor for pH windows
based on the 13aneN4: Zn2+ system. European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, under review. (PCAV/PMB)

(ACL2) Bastard A., Coelho C., Briandet R., Canette A., Gougeon R., Alexandre H., Guzzo J., Weidmann S. (2016). Effect of
Biofilm Formation by Oenococcus oeni on Malolactic Fermentation and the Release of Aromatic Compounds in Wine.
Front. Microbiol., 7. (PCAV/VALMIS)

(ACL3) Crouvisier-Urion K., Bodart P. R., Winckler P., Raya J., Gougeon R. D., Cayot P., Domenek S., Debeaufort F.,
Karbowiak T. (2016). Biobased Composite Films from Chitosan and Lignin: Antioxidant Activity Related to Structure
and Moisture. ACS Sustain Chem Eng, 4(12), 6371-6381. (PCAV/PMB)

(ACL4) Djoullah A., Krechiche G., Husson F., Saurel R. (2016). Size measuring techniques as tool to monitor pea proteins
intramolecular crosslinking by transglutaminase treatment. Food Chem., 197-200. (PCAV/PMB)
(ACL5) Léonard L., Husson F., Langella P., Châtel JM., Saurel R. (2016). Aqueous two-phase system cold-set gelation using
natural and recombinant probiotic lactic acid bacteria as a gelling agent. Colloid Surf. B-Biointerfaces, 141, 338-
344. (PCAV/PMB)

(ACL6) Liu Y., Forcisi S., Harir M., Deleris-Bou M., Krieger-Weber S., Lucio M., Longin C., Degueurce C., Gougeon R.-D.,
Schmitt-Kopplin P., Alexandre H. (2016). New molecular evidence of the wine yeast-bacteria interaction unraveled
by non-targeted exometabolomic profiling. Metabolomics, 12:69, doi:10.1007/s11306-016-1001-1 (PCAV/VALMIS)

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(ACL10) Zoz F., Iaconelli C., Lang E., Iddir H., Guyot S., Grandvalet C., Gervais P., Beney L. (2016). Control of Relative Air
Humidity as a Potential Means to Improve Hygiene on Surfaces: A Preliminary Approach with Listeria monocytogenes.
Plos One, 11(2). (PMB/VALMIS)