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UMR Procédés Alimentaires et Microbiologiques

Food and Microbiological Processes (PAM) Research Centre


Founded on 1st January 2012, the 'Food and Microbiological Processes' (PAM) Research Centre is spread across 4 sites: Institut Agro DIJON, IUVV (Vine & Wine University Institute), INRA (National Agronomical Research Institute), and the Faculty of Pharmacy. Run jointly by Institut Agro DIJON and Burgundy University,

the current director is Professor Laurent BENEY. researchgate ]

Professor Patrick GERVAIS was the director from 2012 to 2016. researchgate ] 


The PAM Research Centre plays a major role in scientific and technological advances in the field of food and wine. The joint scientific focus of all the members is to understand the physical, chemical, and biological phenomena that determine food quality with the ambition of developing new products and new food processes. (Find out more)


The JRC is composed of 4 complementary teams:

 • Microbiological and Biotechnological Processes (PMB)

Director: Jean-Marie PERRIER-CORNET, Prof., Institut Agro DIJON – [Researchgate]

  • Physico-chemistry of Food and Wine (PCAV)

Director: Thomas KARBOWIAK, Prof., Institut Agro DIJON - [Researchgate]

  • Food Wine Microbiology and Stress (VAlMiS)   

Director: Hervé ALEXANDRE, Prof., Burgundy University [Researchgate]

  • Food Biotech&Innovation (FBI)   

Director : HUSSON Florence, MCF., Institut Agro DIJON – [ researchgate ]

The PAM Research Centre manages two technical facilities: Divva (Development Innovation Grapevine Wine Food) plateform and PIMS facility (Spectroscopic and Microscopy Imaging Centre), and is a member of the Carnot Institute Qualiment®, national centre of excellence for the promotion of research in the food industry.



Principaux partenaires et financeurs 


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