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UMR Procédés Alimentaires et Microbiologiques

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Researchers at UMR PAM are particularly interested in the influence of physical, chemical and biological disturbances on the structure, activity and functionality of macromolecular systems, microorganisms and complex matrices. The perturbations studied correspond to abiotic or biotic fluctuations caused by the production, conservation and use of food and microorganisms. Our process engineering approach enables us to integrate the knowledge derived from the "physicochemical" and "biological" approaches to develop relevant solutions for industrial innovation in the agri-food sector.

Our research activities therefore naturally reconcile basic research (on processes such as molecular reactivity and mobility, or the mechanisms of adaptation and resistance of microorganisms to external perturbations) and industrial applications. The UMR PAM publishes about 50 articles in international scientific journals each year.

The objectives of our work are to improve the quality of food: nutritional, hygienic and sensorial quality, practicality of foods and sustainability of food processes. Our work on food, wine and micro-organisms therefore relates to the societal fields of health, well-being and the environment. Our work involves, for example:

The development of the use of microbial flora of interest (probiotics, ferments) in the food context,
Control of food risks (pathogens, allergies, contaminants, intolerance ...)
Improved preservation of food, wine, microorganisms and biomolecules,
The development of new sources and new food ingredients (proteins, microorganisms, biomolecules, salt substitutes, sugar ...)
Improving the sensory quality of food and wine,
Functionalization (smart packaging, supplements, probiotics, food ...) and specialization (age, activity, ...) of foods,
Improving the sustainability of food and wine production (conservation, packaging, waste ...).



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