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UMR Procédés Alimentaires et Microbiologiques

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Selected past & on-going research projects

MIP design for the detection of iprodione (fungicide) in wine
(collaboration: Lebanon University)
Patent: WO 2016/012682 A1

Divalent cation encapsulation & organization of pectin structure
(collaboration CEA Saclay & SOLEIL)
J Phys Chem B 120 (2016) 1021: Binding of divalent cations to polygalacturonate: A mechanism driven by the hydration water

Valorization of new protein sources: Pea protein gelation
(collaboration: Roquette SA)
J Agric Food Chem 64 (2016) 2780: Heat-induced soluble protein aggregates from mixed pea globulins and β-lactoglobulin

Controlled cooking of meat by spectroscopic analysis of denaturation
(collaboration: OSEO, SEB, Thirode)
Food Biophys 11 (2016) 207: Neutron imaging of meat during cooking

Non-targeted analysis of wines: toward "winomics" 
(collaboration: Helmoltz Zentrum München - Germany, CIVC, BIVB)
Food Chem 203 (2016) 207: Natural oxygenation of Champagne Wine during ageing on lees: a metabolomics pictures of hormesis

Revisiting the properties of an old packaging material : cork
(collaboration: BIVB, CIVC)
J Material Sci 51 (2016) 4227: How does hydration affect the mechanical properties of wine stoppers

Bio-sourced biodegradable and active packaging
(collaboration: INRA-AgroParisTech)
ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng. 4 (2016) 6371: Bio-based composite films from chitosan and lignin: antioxidant activity related to structure & moisture

Unusual polysaccharide and aroma release
(collaboration: INRA-Nantes, Le2i-CNRS-Dijon)
Food Hydrocoll 66 (2017) 216: Trapping of carvacrol by konjac glucomannan-potato starch gel: stability from macroscopic to microscopic scale, using image processing

Ageing of glassy structure
(collaboration University of Udine-Italie, Tagheef industry)
Forthcoming in 2017: Effect of the state of water and relative humidity on ageing of PLA films

Design of specific probe: thiol-antioxidant assay
Sensors & Actuators B (2016) in press: Design of new sensitive , -unsaturated carbonyl 1,8-naphtalimide fluorescent probe for thiol bio-imaging

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