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Encapsulation in South East Asia



   UMR PAM with its international Joint Laboratory "Tropical Bioresource & Biotechnology" and its Transversal Research Axis on encapsulation & vectorisation is involved in the creation of a network on encapsulation in South-East Asia.
After the formation in PAM of several Asian students in encapsulation, it all began with the organisation of the 1st BRG school of bioencapsulation in Vietnam in Spring 2014.




The vitality of encapsulation in South-East Asia is presented in the following paper written with colleagues from 5 Asian countries:


It is observable on the following figures on the number of publications concerning encapsulation (Fig 1 & 2).


Figure 1. Publications with the key-word “encapsulation” (period 1996-2013) in Asean and other regions of the World. Data from the Web of Knowledge.



Figure 2. Publications with the key-word “encapsulation” (period 1996-2013) in the various countries of Asean. Data from the Web of Knowledge.
It is also notable that encapsulation in South-East Asia has some specificities coming from the availability and prices of encapsulation materials (fig 3).


Fig.3: Materials used for encapsulation identified through specific key-words used in addition to “encapsulation” in the Web of Knowledge. The various key-words were then classified in the four categories of the figure.

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