Tropical Bioresources & Biotechnology


Tropical Bioresources & Biotechnology is the joint laboratory of
the School of Biotechnology and Food Technology (Hanoi), and the UMR PAM Food and Microbial Process 

This laboratory is the result of about 30 years of collaboration between Hanoi University of Science and Technology and AgroSup Dijon/University of Burgundy (through ENSBANA). Thanks to the constant support of the Agency of French-speaking universities (AUF), of French and Vietnamese Ministries and of Région Bourgogne, many students acquired a bicultural training and several collaboration projects were carried out. 

Beside the research and technology projects, this laboratory is committed to supporting development in South-East Asia in the field of food with an involvement in AUF projects and with a scientific support to the emerging research at the Institute of Technology of Cambodia.


Two main projects are developed in this lab :